Welcome. You have become eligible for medical and voluntary benefits.

Health Benefit eligibility begins after 90 days from your new hire date.  

42 North Dental offers comprehensive medical insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS). This includes HMO, PPO, and Preferred PPO Saver Plan options. You can select single or family coverage. 42 North Dental also offers a wide variety of voluntary benefit options, such as life insurance, AD&D, short term disability, accident, critical illness, and long term disability, through Lincoln Financial Group (LFG). Enrollment is done separately via their online secure portal, which is listed in the instructions below.  42 North Dental also offers a Real Estate Benefit Program, Student Loan Program, and Employee Assistance Program available at no cost and with no enrollment required.  You’ll find instructions for utilizing the benefits below as well.

We are pleased to announce 42 North Dental will continue to offer Medical Insurance with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Voluntary Insurance plans with Lincoln Financial, and Health Savings Accounts, Dependent Care, and Flexible Spending Accounts with Health Equity!

  • Medical Insurance Plan details and how to enroll using the BCBS Enrollment form
  • Voluntary Insurance Plan (Disability, Accident, and Life) details and how to enroll online using the following link. BenefitsConnect. Now is the time to review your needs and enroll.
  • Information on saving money with Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), Health Spending Accounts (HSA), and Dependent Care Accounts (DCA) and how to enroll. Enroll with the Blue Cross HSA/FSA Enrollment Form.

Please review resources below for complete summary plan descriptions and more information on 42 North Dental benefits.  You’ll find information from our partners Blue Cross Blue Shield, Lincoln Financial, and Health Equity.

Important: You have 30 days to elect or waive coverage(s). Elected coverage and contribution rates will be retroactive to your benefit eligibility date. 

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Here are the plan documents for Blue Cross Blue Shield. Your medical cost contribution sheet and BCBS Enrollment Form were sent to you via email.

HMO Blue New England (only available in New England)

Plan Snapshot

Summary of Benefits and Coverage

Preferred Blue PPO 

Plan Snapshot

Summary of Benefits and Coverage

Preferred Blue PPO Saver (Health Savings Account (HSA) Compatible)

Plan Snapshot

Summary of Benefits and Coverage

Lincoln Financial

Enroll in voluntary supplemental insurance plans (Disability, Accident and Life Insurance) with Lincoln Financial. If you elect one or more lines of coverage, you’ll be responsible for the entire premium cost.

Short Term Disability

Long Term Disability

Life & ADD Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance

Accident Insurance

Travel Connect

Life Keys

Employee Assistance Program – Open to All

Portal Enroll Instructions

Additional Benefits

Real Estate Benefits

Student Loan Program

Keep your personal information current

Use ADP to update your address, and Fidelity/Lincoln Financial account to designate your beneficiaries.