Who We Are

42 North Dental, a leading dental support organization in New England supporting over two dozen practice brands in over 80 locations. Our mission is to eliminate barriers to quality patient care by providing business and administrative support to dental practices. We present opportunities that help doctors and their teams professionally advance while growing the business to its fullest potential.

We are a partner that offers dental providers clinical autonomy and equity ownership, as well as non-clinical solutions and the business support needed to increase the value of your practice.

Our Promise

We are not your traditional dental support organization. We understand that the love of dentistry and the business management of a practice do not always go hand-in-hand.

We partner with practices, empower employees, and provide resources and support to enable those in the dental industry to focus on what they love – providing quality patient dental care.

Join a respected group of people dedicated to putting the patient first.



42 North Dental was founded by dentists with the idea that better patient care is achieved by allowing dentists to fully focus on dentistry rather than the administrative burdens of running a practice. 42 North Dental has a 40+ year history in the dental industry under the name Gentle Dental Partners. The idea was simple; doctors who spend more time chair-side treating patients and less time on business and administrative tasks are happier, more successful, and able to produce better outcomes for patients. Forty years ago this idea was revolutionary. Today 42 North Dental carries on those fundamental principles by providing business and administrative support to over 80 practices, representing more than 30 practice brands from Maine to New York with more being added every month.

1977 dateline1977

Dr. Ronald Weissman opens Prosthodontic Associates in Brookline, MA

1979 dateline1979

Dr. Samuel Shames founds Newbury Dental Associates in Boston MA

1980 dateline1980

Dr. Weissman and Dr. Shames begin an advertising cooperative with other area dentists.

1982 dateline1982

The first Gentle Dental office opens in Boston, MA

1997 dateline1997

Consolidation of 11 Gentle Dental practices into one company providing centralized administrative services

2000 dateline2000

Gentle Dental celebrates 20 years of positive business growth

2006 dateline2006

Gentle Dental opens an office in Worcester, MA bringing the total number of practices to 22

2007 dateline2007

Gentle Dental Partners, the Dental Support Organization, is formed

2012 dateline2012

First out-of-state practice opens in Nashua, NH bring the total number of practices to 27

2015 dateline2015

Growth kicks into high gear with a strong affiliation process for dentists who realize the benefit of partnering with a leading DSO

2016 dateline2016

Gentle Dental Partners continues to grow celebrating a milestone with 50 supported practices across MA, NH, CT and ME

2017 dateline2017

Boston Magazine names 18 of our supported dentists "Top Dentist" in their inaugural issue. 19 Gentle Dental offices win Readers' Choice awards with Gentle Dental Boston taking the distinction of #1 Dental Practice in Boston and Gentle Dental Peabody being recognized as the #1 Dental Practice on the North Shore.

2018 dateline2018

Gentle Dental Partners becomes 42 North Dental to better represent all the practices we support


Geoff Ligibel

President & Chief Executive Officer

Johnny Khouri

Johnny Khouri

Chief Operating Officer

Diane Vaccaro

Chief Marketing Officer

Che Eagle

Chief Human Resources Officer

TJ Brouillard

Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Michael Scialabba

Chief Clinical Officer

Brian Boulter

Vice President, Business Development

Vinay Kaza

Vice President, Information Technology

Nicole O'Leary

Director, Revenue Cycle

Kirsten von Hassel

Director of Marketing

Donald Jones

Director of Operations

Caitlin Maehr

Director of Specialties

Marlene Kacy

Director, Hygiene

Andrew Witty

Director, Human Resources

Courtney Macaruso


Rondi Michaux

Director, Corporate Development

Randy Schumacher

Director, Learning & Development

Anne Newton

Director, Recruiting


What is 42 North Dental?

42 North Dental is the Dental Support Organization (DSO) that provides support to dental practices throughout New England. Formerly called Gentle Dental Partners, 42 North Dental provides services, resources, and support to help manage the business and administrative aspect of providing quality dental care. In addition to training, professional development, and driving growth for the business, 42 North Dental enables dental professionals to focus on what they love most — providing quality patient dental care.

Where did the name 42 North Dental come from?

“42 North” is significant to the company because it represents the latitude of Boston where the vision of 42 North Dental was founded over 40 years ago. This name celebrates the company’s roots while still recognizing growth across New England. The compass arrow in the logo reflects forward movement, which supports the goals for the practices supported by 42 North Dental.

Why did the name change?

Over the past several years, Gentle Dental Partners began supporting practices beyond Gentle Dental branded practices. Changing the name to 42 North Dental clarifies that the organization supports over 74 dental practices comprised of 24 brands across 5 states.

Is 42 North Dental a new company?

42 North Dental is an evolution of Gentle Dental Partners, which started over 40 years ago as Gentle Dental and is well-known in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Are the Gentle Dental practices changing their names?

No. The Gentle Dental retail brand has a strong reputation and brand recognition in New England based on 40+ years of experience and care. Gentle Dental has s deep connection to the communities it serves and long-lasting patient relationships.  42 North Dental provides business and administrative support to the doctors and their teams so they can focus on taking care of their patients.

What are the benefits of working for a 42 North Dental supported practice rather than a single dental office?

When you work for a 42 North Dental supported practice, you join a network of dental professionals who share best practices, provide mentoring and support, and share your commitment to quality patient care. You will have more access to training and free CE courses and a Human Resources department for job and benefit related questions. With an organization like 42 North Dental that is growing rapidly, there are always new and exciting opportunities for career development.

What does 42 North Dental look for when considering a practice for affiliation?

42 North Dental looks for quality, sizable practices that have a strong reputation that we can enhance and build upon. No two practices are alike! We will evaluate each practice and situation on its own merits and standings, but at the core, we look to partner with great doctors who have developed a great team and have a great story. We can help you understand the inherent value of your practice, so don’t hesitate to reach out for an initial, no-pressure conversation. Together, we can see if an affiliation makes sense for you.

Can I still refer my patients to my preferred specialists?

42 North Dental has an outstanding group of specialists that work with the general dentists. While we do support each other and strive to keep all dental procedures within the organization, it is always our goal to serve the patient in the best and most efficient way possible. In cases where you determine that in-house specialty services do not work for a specific patient, the case can be referred elsewhere. You are in control of your patient’s care.

Can I continue to work if I sell my practice?

Yes! If your goal is to continue practicing, we want you to stay. Most of our affiliated doctors do — and they earn strong incomes while working fewer non-chairside hours. Once the affiliation and integration processes are settled, we will add specialists to your practice if it makes sense. Whatever your career goals may be, we’re here to provide support and work hand-in-hand to help you achieve them.

Will you change the name of my practice?

42 North Dental currently supports over a dozen differently named practices, including several multi-site group practices, all with strong brand value. Dentistry is a local business, and we encourage an open dialogue with our potential and current affiliates to assess the value of maintaining your own brand. Our goal is always to do what is right for your business and your patients.

Will the company interfere with clinical aspects of my practice?

No. Dentists maintain clinical control over patient care and treatment. However, we do expect each of our supported dentists to follow the standard of care for the dental community. The clinical management team is here to help you stay abreast of new regulations, requirements, and techniques.

Will my staff be retained?

Your staff will become part of the team and will be eligible for the full complement of benefits and opportunities offered by 42 North Dental. From training to peer support, our large and growing team of dental assistants, hygienists, practice managers, and administrative staff share ideas, receive ongoing training, and enjoy professional growth.

About 42 North Dental

42 North Dental (formerly Gentle Dental Partners) is a company that provides certain non-clinical business and administrative services to dental practices owned and operated by licensed dentists. For over 40 years, 42 North Dental has provided support to dental practices that enable dentists to focus on providing quality affordable dental services to their patients. With an expanding network of supported practices across the region, we share their vision of healthy, confident smiles for life. Supported doctors, hygienists and dental professionals share a deep commitment to the communities they serve and a relentless focus on patient care. For a full list of supported practices, click here.

ABOUT 42 North Dental Care

42 North Dental Care, PLLC is a dentist-owned professional company that owns and operates dental practices across New England. 42 North Dental Care, PLLC has a strong value proposition for dentists and practice-owners, allowing it to attract and retain an industry-leading team of clinicians and practices. In 2019, 42 North Dental Care practices were recognized with 29 Readers’ Choice awards and 52 Doctors were named Boston Magazine and Connecticut Magazine “Top Dentists.” 42 North Dental Care continues to build a reputation for excellence in quality care.