Affiliate with 42 North Dental

Hear about partnering with us from our affiliates.

42 North Dental, a Destination for Dentists & Practice Owners


Learn how 42 North Dental helps dentists focus more on patients and less on the administrative burdens that come with running a thriving dental practice.

Dr. Maryann Irwin


Dr. Irwin is a practicing endodontist at 42 North Dental support practice Great Hill Dental Partners. Learn how partnering with 42 North Dental has impacted her practice and patients.

Dr. Stephanie Payne


Dr. Payne has been practice at 42 North Dental supported practice Gentle Dental Malden for 25 years. Learn about her journey and experience.

Dr. Dean Cloutier


Dr. Dean Cloutier of New Haven Dental Group speaks about their affiliation with 42 North Dental.

Why Great Hill Dental Affiliated with 42 North Dental


Hear from Dr. Michael Scialabba, CEO of Great Hill Dental Partners about why they chose 42 North Dental as their affiliation partner. From reducing the burden of administrative tasks to having a true growth partner, 42 North Dental was there.

Dr. Kenneth Fink talks about Joining 42 North Dental


With many years in practice, Dr. Fink talks about joining a DSO and how it was the right decision for him, his practice, and staff.

Lynn, Practice Manager at Newington Family Dental


Lynn gives a practice manager’s point of view on practice transition.

Dr. Scott Beckerman


Dr. Beckerman takes us on his affiliation journey and how Willow Run Dental Care partners with 42 North Dental

Learn about Dr. Geraldine Schneider’s Experience with 42 North Dental


As the owner of the successful Willow Run Dental Care, Dr. Schneider explains how the partnership with 42 North Dental came about.

Come Work For 42 North Dental

42 North Dental is committed to helping our supported practices provide quality dental care and exceptional patient care. To achieve this requires a commitment to securing and supporting the best and brightest employees.

A Different Type of DSO, 42 North Dental


42 North Dental President & CEO Geoff Ligibel talks about what sets us apart.