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partner voices: Inaugural Issue

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A retiring doctor creates a new opportunity
I started my dental career working for Drs. Dworkin and Stein at Southern Connecticut Dental Group over 10 years ago. I felt so lucky to find two outstanding mentors who taught me the importance of focusing on quality care above anything else. When Dr. Stein announced his retirement last year, I will admit that I had concerns about losing a mentor and receiving the support that I have grown so accustomed to over the years. I was then told about the planned affiliation with 42 North Dental but did not have any prior experience working with a larger organization. These changes made me reflect on where I was in my career, and how I wanted to move forward. After doing some research, I decided that I would stay on with the practice as an associate dentist and work with 42 North Dental, hoping that this would bring new benefits to my career. Staying on was an excellent decision.

A smooth transition and an unexpected promotion
From the first day of our affiliation, I felt extremely comfortable with all the support teams at 42 North Dental. Everyone was very approachable and friendly, but most of all it was clear to me that this is an organization that cares about their providers and wants to help them succeed. As Dr. Stein’s retirement drew nearer, I met with the team at 42 North Dental to discuss my next steps. When they asked if I would like to pursue becoming a Dental Director, I was ecstatic over the offer and truly appreciated that they considered me to become the next director following in the footsteps of my mentor. I am now proudly the Dental Director of the Southbury location of Southern Connecticut Dental Group.

Set up for success with training and peer relationships
As an associate, I was able to completely focus on patient care, and it was important to me that this continued as I stepped into the Dental Director role. That being said, I was ready to start spending time learning about the administrative part of dentistry. 42 North Dental made this so easy with the training and guidance they provided. I had the chance to visit Home Office multiple times over the course of my transition and was given both one-on-one training and the ability to participate in group director meetings where I met other Dental Directors from across the organization. These experiences were so important to my training, as it gave me the information that I needed which I then brought back and applied to my office.

Regional Manager and full support team
As we all know, there are always unexpected issues that come up when running a dental office, despite the training I received. That is where the support team, notably my regional manager Denis Byron, has been an incredible help. Denis is always reachable and responds quickly to any issue that may need his attention. Among many other roles, he acts as a liaison between my practice and the 42 North Dental Home Office. If there is something that he cannot help with, he finds the correct 42 North Dental team member who can help with the issue at hand. This has been so important, because it still allows me to focus on patient care throughout my day, knowing that Denis, and the 42 North Dental team, always has my back.

Ongoing investment in YOU
A crucial responsibility of being a Dental Director is overseeing associates and making sure I stay up to date with my education. It’s important to me as the clinical leader in my practice, to be able to advise and guide the associate dentist if they are have a particularly advanced case or need advice. The only way to accomplish this is by having a strong understanding of dentistry. 42 North Dental gives providers many opportunities to learn throughout the year with free CE courses across a variety of topics. There have been some excellent courses that I have been able to participate in, both in-person and now virtually. Dr. Michael Scialabba, 42 North Dental VP of Clinical Affairs, always makes himself available for individual clinical questions. He clearly is a great resource and mentor to all of the providers in the organization.

A partnership with a great future
42 North Dental has given me a great new opportunity as Dental Director and I again feel lucky that Southern Connecticut Dental Group created this partnership. I look forward to my future with 42 North Dental and know that there are many great things to come!



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