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New Dental Benefit Program Shows Promise of Minimally Invasive Care

By January 9, 2024June 14th, 2024No Comments

When given a choice, 94% of eligible members chose minimally invasive care to reduce need for costly drilling; DDMA believes this will grow with more education and access.

BOSTON — January 9, 2024 — A new enhanced benefit program by Delta Dental of Massachusetts (DDMA) focused on preventive minimally invasive dental care aims to keep patients healthy and reduce the need for patients to undergo painful and costly drilling.

The Healthy Teeth program was conducted in collaboration with 42 North Dental in four of their supported dental offices: Gentle Dental Braintree, Gentle Dental Quincy, Dynamic Dental, and Allen Dental Associates, and offered enhanced benefit coverage to adult and pediatric DDMA patients that included minimally invasive treatment options, including Fluoride Varnish, Sealants, self-assembling peptide P11-4, and Silver Diamine Fluoride. Research has shown these treatments can prevent and/or reverse the early signs of tooth decay, which is the medical term for tooth caries which forms cavities. If tooth decay isn’t treated at an early stage, it typically requires invasive and oftentimes painful and costly restorative procedures including dental fillings.

Of the 660 DDMA members that were diagnosed with early signs of tooth decay and received one of the minimally invasive treatment options as part of this enhanced coverage 97% reported being satisfied or very satisfied with their care experience. Dentists and hygienists also expressed enthusiasm about the benefits of this approach, noting that “educating providers and patients on such valuable treatment alternatives is critical and [should] lead to healthier patient outcomes with less cost,” says Dr. Michael Scialabba, Chief Clinical Officer at 42 North Dental.

“Our goal at Delta Dental of Massachusetts is to improve the oral health care of all our members, and this new program shows promise that we can enhance care and reduce costs for all,” stated Erik Montlack, President of Delta Dental Massachusetts. “This program shows that when people are given choice and access, they will choose these pain-free, minimally invasive treatments that are shown to reduce the need for drilling in the long-term. We believe these numbers will only grow with more awareness within the dental community and member education about the benefits of this care. We are deeply grateful to the dental team at 42 North Dental for their partnership in this important program.”

“Minimally Invasive Care is the future of dentistry,” says Dr. Michael Scialabba, Chief Clinical Officer at 42 North Dental. “It has the potential to prevent decay but it can recalcify existing non-cavitated lesions. It will provide an opportunity for millions of people to be treated in a non surgical way, improving oral health in the community and reducing the global cost of care.”

Dr. Craig Allen of Allen Dental Associates piloted the program in his practice, “The patients that have been part of the Healthy Teeth program have been astounded to find out that there is a non-invasive treatment for early caries. Minimally Invasive Care or Preventistry is the future of dentistry and should be a part of future reimbursement models.”

As a result of this program, DDMA is starting to phase in minimally invasive care benefits into its product portfolio, expecting that over the next several years many of its customers will add these benefits to their standard coverage.

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